The Philippines

The Philippines

My first unplanned trip to Philippines was during the Chinese New Year of 2016. The idea was to go with the flow. To make some friends at the first place I would be staying and decide to travel for a few days together and go somewhere. To go to the Boracay Island (one of the world’s best island) and spend a few days snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing and just sitting and doing nothing. I assured to keep the possibilities open — of making spontaneous decisions — to be able to just to go with the flow.

About Philippines
The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country in the Western Pacific, consists of more than 7641 Islands with the TOP most beautiful islands across the globe (e.g. Boracay Island, Palawan, Cebu). Its capital, Manila, is famous for its waterfront promenade and centuries-old Chinatown, Binondo. Intramuros, a walled city in colonial times, is the heart of Old Manila.

Location For Stay
Location for stay in the Philippines depends upon the island the region you’re visiting in Philippines. And the locals in Philippines is so humble and kind.

Philippines Weather
Climate of the Philippines is either tropical rain-forest, tropical savanna, tropical monsoon, or humid subtropical (in higher-altitude areas) characterized by relatively high temperature, oppressive humidity and plenty of rainfall.

Shopping in Philippines
SM Mall of Asia, Manila is a tourist destination that has raised the standard of shopping, leisure and entertainment in the Philippines.
Apart from this you can find many souvenir shops in Manila and other regions or islands wherever you are visiting.

In big cities like Manila or Cebu City, the most common mean of transportation is the jeepney. Everywhere in the Philippines, for the more short and local distances, the multicabs and tricycles are used by many Filipinos. The tricycle, a motorcycle with an attached passenger-cabin on a third wheel, is the cheapest.

Foods To Explore
Malaysia multi-ethnic culture and heritage has served up a multitude of colorful cuisines, each with its own unique flavor and aroma.

As Malaysia is a Muslim country so maximum food are Halal.

Some of the famous cuisines of Malaysia are below:

  • CHICKEN ADOBO – The famous Filipino dish
  • BALUT – Duck embryo street food snack
  • KARE KARE – Oxtail stew
  • KINILAW – Raw fish salad
  • SINIGANG – Sour meat stew
  • PAKSIW NA LECHON – Suckling pig prizes
  • TAPSILOG – A cured beef based breakfast
  • HALO HALO – A cheeky desert
  • BUKO – The Filipino coconut
  • RUM – The Filipino spirit of choice

Globe – Traveler Sim, you can find it anywhere across the Philippines.

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for writing a post about my country, which is the Philippines. I appreciate it. Have you been to Palawan? It is one of our country’s most famous tourist spots. I am sure you would love to see its spectacular nature and view! I have not been to any other country, but like you, I also want to travel to different places around the world. God bless you and keep safe on your next trip!

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